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Influencer Marketing

Who are social media influencers?

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Influencer Marketing

Not many years ago, big companies used to literally kill themselves to convince people why their products are superior and persuade them to eventually take the money out-of-pocket. Back then, the TV was the only monster on the stage! The main idea was roughly the same! A celebrity was conveying the message, “Hey, I’m using this product. It’s wonderful! So, you might want to give it a shot, right?” This was working like a charm!

As I was saying, people used to trust celebrities. It was enough for people to hear compliments from them! Next, they were buying it! Easy-peasy! But the picture has been radically changing since the rise of the Internet! Right after, the smartphone was invented and basically turn everything upside down! Basically, technologies made it possible for everyone to act like a celebrity! You could be even more of a celebrity, right? You’re asking how? By becoming an influencer!

The bottom line is that all active celebrities active on Instagram are influencers, but take this! Not all influencers are celebrities. In fact, influencers could be just simple people with a lot of followers.

Who are influencers?

Let’s not limit ourselves to the textbook definition! In fact, when it comes to the online world, there is NO textbook definition. Everyone has his/her own definition. So, who is an influencer? Basically, an influencer must be so unique, so we, as less ordinary people, could trust and follow his/her choices. They could be very attractive, sexually, mentally, educationally, you tell me! They also need to be likable! You could be very sexy or rich, but no one gives a shit until you are charming. Some say it’s an intrinsic attribute but there are some ways to improve your personality. More importantly, you must have a lot of followers, so you could convince companies to invest in you.

What is influencer marketing?

Influence marketing is generally cooperation between an online influencer and a brand/company. The arrangements seem very obvious. The influencer is given a product by a brand/company. He/she then start posting about it on his/her page. It could be a very simple post or series of videos or just a story, each with their pros and cons.

Influencers take mainly two strategies. In one strategy, they try to advertise everything. In fact, they don’t exclude themselves from anything! For example, a very famous soccer player could end up advertising a luxurious perfume or a singer may simply encourage people to read a specific book. On the other hand, influencers could adopt a second strategy, advertising just some specific products related to their professional career. For instance, a very attractive model would be interested in focusing on only one brand and ever deeper one specific product. Or a basketball player might start wearing Nike sneakers, persuading others to do the same.

The more followers an influencer has, the more brands/companies are willing to cooperate with them. Is that true? It might, but it might not! Actually, there are three criteria, in which influencers’ impact is measured. Let’s review these criteria.

How are influencers evaluated?

Earlier, we mentioned three criteria to test the impact of influencers. These criteria include the number of followers, engagement rate, and authentic engagement.

The number of followers

Obviously, the more followers you have as an influencer, the higher range of people are likely to know you. At the moment of writing this essay, Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) is the most famous person on Instagram by having freakish 232 million of followers. So, different brands are in a notorious battle to have their advertisements posted by one of these influencers. No wonder to know that companies are paying almost $1 million for posts to reach his insane reach!

Engagement rate

According to trackmaven.com, an engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement that all kinds of content on Instagram are receiving from the followers. So, the engagement rate is going to be assessed in terms of users’ comments, shares, and likes. It basically shows what portion of one Instagram’s page is actively interacting with the contents. Let’s go back to C. Ronaldo again. Although he is the most famous influencer, Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) overtakes him with respect to the engagement rate (3.33% vs. 2.96%).

Authentic engagement

This factor helps your account to get rewarded because popularity is more emphasized and highlighted by Instagram. It is focusing more on the quantity of your account over its quality. According to ellengracemarketing.com, authentic engagement is defined as the superiority of authenticity over popularity in an Instagram calculating algorithm.

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