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Introducing You Are All Caught Up in Feed

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Instagram has always been something of a challenge for the completists among us—those who feel the compulsion to see every single post that goes up in one’s feed, to not “miss out” on a piece of content. (It’s probably better not to speak about the months-long period where I tried to keep up on the “Following” tab that monitors what posts all your friends on Instagram are liking, too.)

Today, you’ll start noticing a “You’re All Caught Up” message when you’ve seen every post from the last two days. We’ve heard that it can be difficult to keep track of your seen posts. With this message, you’ll have a better understanding of your Feed and know you haven’t missed recent photos or videos.
You’ll find posts that you’ve already viewed as well as posts that are older than two days below the “You’re All Caught Up” message.

This feature is available on iOS and Android starting today.




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